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We Are Finally Here!!!

If you’re reading this, that means our full tea website has launched! We are happy to be living in our corner of the web, and we’re sure you will love all the cool info we plan to share with you.

Why Tea?

I wanted to start the blog by sharing with you a little about why this company was started. I grew up in New York, during the time cafes served coffee in big bowls. You could get coffee on every corner, but tea selections were always lacking. This helped make coffee the quintessential “urban drink”. I always hated that I couldn’t find good tea anywhere. So I told myself that I would one day help make tea the new “urban drink”.

After many years of working towards my goals, Urban Pioneer Tea was born. But after living in NYC, LA and Phoenix, I realized that my goals were not only about this amazing beverage. I have been fortunate enough to witness people trying to make these cities better. People that see something lacking, and try to pioneer change. I started calling these people, Urban Pioneers.

I realized that I could use this company as a way to shine light on other Urban Pioneers in different communities. So the company has a couple goals now.

The first goal is to offer a great product to our customers. We do that by offering you 31 current blends. There is something for everyone. We have fruity, nutty, spicy, bold, floral……. chances are if you want a certain type of flavor, we have it. And we give you clear instructions for brewing the perfect cup. We also sourced amazing tea accessories, to help make brewing tea even easier. If you’ve been turned off by tea before, chances are it was poor quality, or not made correctly. We want to show you that great tea, made right, can be your new drink of choice.

The second goal is to highlight Urban Pioneers around the world. As we move forward we will be looking for people and organizations to tell you about. We also plan to donate portions of our sales to help these Urban Pioneers reach their goals. So you know, when you buy our artisan teas, you will also be helping cool projects around the globe. And feel free to let us know about Urban Pioneers in your area.

So keep checking back with us.

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And tell your friends, because we can help a lot of Urban Pioneers if we work together.