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Tea Time & Beyoncé Time

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It’s iced tea weather, and we all got things to get done.

It’s time to to drink some iced tea, blast some Queen Bey, and get it done. Only you can work to reach your goals. And who better to inspire you than Sasha Fierce? And if Lemonade is more your taste, enjoy it with one of our phenomenal blends. Check out Modern Inspiration white tea. It’s great iced, and it’ll help unlock some new hustle.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with our goals. It’s easy to put things off. It’s up to you to focus. Do what you got to do. Take it all one step at a time.

Believe in creating your own reality. Feed your body and mind what it needs. Fill your life with inspiration. Be excited to get up every morning.

Make an inspiration board for each goal.

You got this. And we’re happy to be on your journey with you.

Quitting is not an option!



Try again. Don’t quit!

So you have a brilliant idea of how to make your city better? You start working towards your goal, and then life knocks you down. It’s easy to think about quitting when things get hard. But what separates Urban Pioneers from urban residents, is that we don’t give up. We continuously work to make our cities better. And every time we fall, we get back up and try again. Because progress takes work. Success requires you to fail sometimes. It’s all part of the process.

You got this. We know you do.


Progress Requires Change

Progress and Change

You can’t have progress without change.

Change can be a scary thing. Giving up old habits, moving to a new city, or helping to change your current one. It’s all scary. But you can’t have progress without change. You can’t help to move your city forward, if you don’t help change it. So get to it.

Take some time to sit with a cup of tea, and visualize the things you want to change. Then come up with a game plan. Checkout Modern Inspiration white tea. It might help you focus your thoughts.